captain john abel lingcodCaptain John Abel is USCG licensed with over 22 years chartering experience and has adventurously fished from the African Coast to the various Alaskan seas, and just about every lake, river and ocean in between. He started deck-handing out on Lake’s Erie and Ontario at the age of 9 with his father. Learning to charter everything from walleye and yellow perch on Lake Erie to Kings, Steelhead and Coho’s on Lake Ontario. Expanding his knowledge, he began fishing commercially on the Chesapeake Bay and deck-handing on offshore boats out of Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks. During this time, he also took the opportunity to spend 5 months off the coast of Africa chasing Marlin, Tuna and everything else the sea is home to. This vast experience allowed him to fish various places and learn techniques, tips and tricks to put him on the fast track to being one of the best. He eats, sleeps, and breathes fishing and has a “knack” for finding fish when no one else can. His “Old Man” jokes that he created a monster and you won’t meet anyone who disagrees. The “crew” is his best little buddy, Blaze, a laid back and adorable, Siberian Husky, who will more than likely stay curled up under the Capt’s seat sleeping away when you walk aboard.