Our rates are based on a “flat” boat rate, what this means is the boat is yours. You won’t be getting onto a boat full of people you don’t know who all have different agendas for the day. When you call us, you book the boat, you bring your buddies and we fish what YOU want. Want to target the large kings that you see in the magazines? Ok. Want to spend all day targeting large barn door halibut, sounds good. Or just maybe spend a day on the boat with your family and friends having some fun and catching a little bit of everything? What I’m getting at is that you won’t be getting on the boat thinking you’re going to target big halibut or kings, then end up fishing cod all day because that’s what’s best for the rest. We will keep in touch with you the days prior to your trip, letting you know the latest reports, scheduling times and finalizing any other loose ends. As well, we depart the dock when you want; we will make our recommendations on when we should depart based on conditions and your wants. If you’re hardcore and want to leave at zero dark thirty, lets go. It’s a Sunday and you want to sleep in a little bit, that’s your call, remember, it’s YOUR fishing trip. This is truly as a customized and personalized a fishing trip as you can find in Alaska.

Full Day (8-10hrs dock to dock) – TBD

We are one of the few boats in Kodiak that offer evening and half day charters, perfect for someone traveling to Kodiak on business or short family vacations, or those that are afraid of get getting a little sea sick.

Half Days and Evenings (4-6hrs) – TBD

If you happen to be in town by yourself, we have a lot of local friends that are always looking to join up and put a crew together on most days. We’d rather be out fishing than sitting at the dock not fishing.

*all rates are for up to 4 people

*Please contact us about our military and veterans specials.

Children are always a joy to have on the boat and are welcome, please let us know ages so we can have appropriate sized life jackets on hand.

For parties larger than 4 people please ask, we can make accommodations for such or plan multi boat trips for large parties

What to bring

Current AK fishing license w/ King stamp if targeting salmon
Dress for the weather
Sea sickness medications if needed

Fish cleaning/processing is done at one of the local facilities for a nominal fee, they can fee processed and ready to fly in most situations. If you are local or are going to process on your catch yourself, please bring means to transport it with you.

Lunches can be catered if desired, and we have made arrangements with the best in town, Java Falts. If you don’t want to pack your own lunch ask us about this option, you won’t regret Java Flats, especially the Streamside Sandwich.