Kodiak & Seasons

Kodiak Island is a pristine example of Alaska's beautiful scenery and untouched wilderness.  The mild, ever-changing maritime climate insulates the island from the extremes of the mainland.  Lush vegetation carpets the terrain, giving the Emerald Isle its name.  It is 3,588 square miles in area, with 2,500 miles of coastline, zig-zagging back and forth creating innumerable bays and inlets.

Kodiak is home to Alaska's largest commercial fishing fleet, a testament to the abundant fishing grounds nearby.  There is a wide variety of sport fishing, including barn-door-sized halibut, trout, and all five salmon species.  The only problem with fishing at Kodiak is it will spoil you for fishing anywhere else.

Getting to Kodiak is easy.  It is readily accessible by scheduled airline and ferry service from the Alaskan mainland, including Anchorage.  Plan to experience a place of spectacular scenic beauty, rugged wilderness, and unparalleled fishing.