Spring, April-June 15th is usually the BIG King Salmon season. It’s no secret that Kodiak is feeding ground zero for monster kings that we dream about. Those monster kings you see guys pulling out of rivers, ya, they do their growing up here in Kodiak. If you’re dream is to boat a king that will make the 50lb club, you need to call us about booking in this time frame here in Kodaik, is your best shot, anywhere. During this time frame halibut are moving back from their wintering grounds into shallower and more targetable waters, and the later into the spring we get, the better they get. As well, the always reliable rockfish are here, and although Lingcod is not in season until July 1st, we usually catch them targeting rockfish. Very few guys are fishing this time of year, meaning that we have the fishing grounds to ourselves. The Kodiak King Derby starts May 1st, and being one of the only boats operating during this time, and targeting these large fish, we’re always in contention for THE ONE. In 2014, we were the only charter boat to place in the top 3. During this time last year we boated 12 fish over 50lbs including a 64 and 68.

Summer Time

Summer time starts around the end of June. June is a “transition” month, halibut and even more plentiful now, kings are here, although the big boys are moving towards their spawning waters, chances of 40+lb fish are still there. Lingcod Opener is July 1st, and if you want to target Lings on opener, I suggest you call early as this day books quickly. July-August is what you read about in the magazines, massive numbers of fish, beautiful Alaskan summer days and an Island that’s so green, surrounded by waters so blue, if it didn’t still have a few snow patches left on the far mountain tops, you’d think it was Hawaii, well without the miserable 80+ degree heat. July is Kings, Lings, Halibut, Rockfish galore. Starting near the end of July we get the pinks showing up, then starts Coho Chaos, and it’s normally chaos with them and putting limits in the boat in short most days. They’re eating everything they can, gaining on average 1lb a week. They show up in July as 5-6lbers, by the time Sept starts, they’re in the 10-15lb class. Kodiak has on average, the largest silvers in the state, as well as the holder of the state record.


Most boats quit running around Labor Day, not this guy, we’re fishing all year long. A little secret is that fall is some of the best fishing, weather permitting. Weather can be a factor here, especially in the fall. But your largest silvers are still in the salt waiting to run the rivers, halibut can be had in shallow waters in front of river mouths feeding on dying salmon. Lingcod and rockfish, ya, they’re everywhere, those pesky pinks are gone now, and those 30+lb kings are here feeding trying to become 70lbers by spring time. Let us not forget the rivers. As well the rivers are loaded with silvers, pinks are all but gone in the rivers so no more wasting time of hords of them and Kodiak has some of the most amazing Dolley Varden fishing I’ve seen in the fall with 100, yes, 100 fish days possible, if you can last that long.


We are one of the only boats operating in Kodiak 12 months of the year. Halibut in the winter is slow at best, and is closed for the month of Feb. Lingcod and rockfish can be had if the winds allow us to get offshore to the rockpiles, Lingcod closes Dec31st. Wintertime is mostly trolling for Kings, and being that there’s a numbers of back bays and islands, we can avoid the heavy seas and enjoy the day. As well, nothing eats as well as a midwinter king, maybe it’s just the fact that its winter and everyone else is eating fish that’s been frozen for months now, and dreaming of fishing, but winter kings are YUMMY!!!! Don’t be stuck at home on a beautiful winter day looking at a flat calm ocean wishing you were FISHING.